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Practice Ice Info

Practice Ice is available for purchase online!

Open Sales Begin:10/09/2019 @ 9:00 AM PST

Open Sales Deadline:10/17/2019 @ 9:00 PM PST


Log in to Members Only (, select EMS. Select My Competitions.

Select your competition.

Tap Practice Ice / Schedule

Check the following boxes appropriately:

  1. "Available Pracitice Ice"
  2. "My Schedule"
  3. "Event Schedule"

To add sessions, tap Date on the Practice Ice/Schedule page and select the competition day you would like to view. Swipe / click left or right to switch ice surfaces.

Select a desired session to add it to your cart. Tap it again to remove. Follow the prompt to confirm removal.

Tap ADD TO CART. Note: The total updates.

Tap PAY to checkout.